Actuarial Club

This is the Actuarial Club web-page in the Mathematics Department at University of Maryland on the College Park Campus. The Club will meet regularly every other week this term on Mondays 4-5pm in MTH B0421, beginning on February 27.

Faculty co-advisors:    Eric Slud, office MTH 2314,   email
                             Susan Mazzullo, office MTH 4413,   email

Monday, Feb. 13:    This was an organizational and introductory meeting.
Monday, Feb. 27:    We will discuss the contents of a few YouTube videos on "What it Means to be an Actuary"
                       that can be found here. As time permits, we will also discuss the relevance of various academic
                       disciplines to Actuarial Science.
Monday, March 20:    Actuary guest speaker, Matt Griffin, currently a doctoral candidate at UMCP, and formerly
                       an Actuary for about 10 years, will talk about how and why he became an Actuary; about
                       working for a big firm as opposed to a smaller firm; and why he left.
This March 20 speaker was unable to come, and his visit and talk will be rescheduled for a later club meeting.

Monday, April 3, 4-5:30pm, Society of Actuaries campus outreach event, with presentations,
                       opportunity for questions, and refreshments.
This Society of Actuaries Event was well-attended and informative. The presenters gave lots of information and left various printed materials. The main take-away seems to be an invitation to consult web-pages regularly for updates on curriculum changes, for access (at to the SOA Explorer Tool enabling you to search for fellow actuaries and actuarial students and resources, and for introductions to actuarial research and research journals, some of them targeted to students.

Monday, April 17:    another guest speaker, Todd Hovik, who is currently an Actuary and will discuss his
                       career experience.

Monday, May 1:    another guest speaker, Rachel Wobrak, Program Director for CMNS in the University Career
                       Center who will give a presentation on Resume, Interview skills, internship questions, etc.

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